Burns Stainless

Burns Stainless Crate Engine Header Kits


Designed using the proprietary DesignSys exhaust design program, Burns Stainless offers header kits for popular GM and Ford crate engines. Kits include all the items you need to fabricate your custom header including flanges, mandrel bends, collectors and tabs. A header design sheet specifying the primary size, length and … Read More

NMCA West Nationals logo

NMCA West Rules Clarifications For Super Quick and Quick Street

Super Quick – rule book page 59 – Dial-Ins

Dial-Ins are required to be boldly displayed in clear view of the tower on all sides of the vehicle.  They may be changed between rounds and must be displayed prior to crossing the ready line in the staging lanes.  It is … Read More


Miller Welders Announces 2014 Giveaway

Hey NMCA Racers,  As part of their Presenting Sponsorship of the NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals in Commerce, GA, Miller Welders is offering you three chances to win welding equipment starting at the event. Plus, one lucky NMCA racer could have the chance to win a Miller Welder at the end of … Read More


Heatshield Products db Armor Lightweight Sound Deadener


Driveability of a muscle car has become very important to enthusiasts over the past several years, and if you own an older muscle car you know that interior sound can be intolerable at times. Sure, we love the sound of our engine and exhaust, but we’d also like to … Read More


NMCA WEST Blown Pro Mod Mufflers Now Available from Flowmaster

Attention NMCA WEST blown Pro Mod racers. Say hello to the Scavenger Muffler from Flowmaster Mufflers INC. Flowmaster currently has four sets of these mufflers in stock and will be producing more. These are what you’ll need to run at Fontana if you have a roots-type blower combo. Interested Pro … Read More


Driver Safety Results in True Street Rule Adjustment


The NMCA Rules Committee has made a revision to the rule pertaining to crew members assisting drivers in the lanes in True Street Competition. The adjusted rule was implemented to insure driver safety.  The rule reads as follows: “If driver needs assistance with a head & neck restraint device … Read More


Scialpi’s Ride Passes Sound Testing at Fontana

With the help of Ronnie Olson and the entire staff at Flowmaster, John Scialpi’s blown Pro Mod has passed the stringent sound test at Auto Club Dragway in Fontana.  The Pro Mod Roots-type blower combination with a prototype Flowmaster baffle/muffler came in below the required decibel limit at a test … Read More


Lokar Header Tether System


Lokar has released a tether system for multi-piece headers and headers with

removable collectors/stacks. The Lokar Header Tether System is a secondary

retaining device that will ensure the attached collectors will remain attached if the

primary retaining device (most often a bolt or tab) fails. The system allows racers… Read More


Balancing a Rotating Assembly

Properly balancing the rotating assembly in any engine build is paramount to maximizing performance and longevity, but few people get to watch the procedure firsthand. The consequences of getting it wrong range from merely annoying engine vibrations to catastrophic main bearing failure. To find out exactly what your friendly machine … Read More


ARP Fasteners for your Racecar and Tow Rig


When in need of a fastener that is durable enough for the rigors of racing duty, ARP is the name of choice. However, ARP’s lineup of performance nuts, bolts and studs is just as applicable in your tow rig as well. The company has kits available for most popular gasoline … Read More