Dual-Plane LS Intake


Up until now, most carburetor intakes for LS engines have been of a single-plane design. Holley now offers a dual-plane intake options for the popular GM LS engine. Drop it on and bolt up your favorite 4150-flange carburetor for a quick and easy way to get your ride on … Read More

E-Force Universal Supercharger From Edelbrock

For all of those engine swappers out there, Edelbrock has expanded its E-Force Universal Supercharger systems to include applications for GM Gen III engines.

The universal blower kit incorporates the Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) Gen VI rotor assembly, as well as an air-to-water twin intercooler system. Long, 12-inch runners … Read More

Turbo 400 With a Twist

This is M&M Transmission’s Extreme Drag Radial Two-speed Lock-Up Turbo 400 just like what is found in some of the fastest radial cars in the country, including the ’78 Malibu driven by M&M’s Mark Micke. Many options are available including various gear ratios. It features the SFI-approved ATI Performance Supercase, … Read More

NMCA WEST Rules Adjustments Announced for Two Classes

The NMCA WEST Rules Committee has announced these changes/additions to the 2015 rules for Pro Modified and Outlaw 8.5.


The NMCA WEST Pro Mod ruled adjustment reads as follows:

Any Pro Mod entry using a 33×10.5W or smaller bias-ply slick may deduct 100lbs from their original base weight.

 … Read More

From Stalled to Speed: Everything You Need to Know About Torque Converters

By Scott Parker

Photography courtesy of the manufacturers

The automatic transmission is an extremely complicated device that seems to be held together by witchcraft. Thankfully for us, the torque converter is quite a bit simpler. It is essentially made up of a pump, stator, and turbine that move transmission fluid … Read More

Independence Day: Who says you need a solid axle to go fast?

By Stephen Kim

Photos by FSC staff and courtesy of the manufacturers

Myths are meant to be debunked. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll find out that Greek mythology was actually inspired by extra-terrestrials, proving that what was once perceived as tall tales weren’t really myths in the first place. … Read More

Canton Racing Products/LS NEXT Rear Sump Aluminum RR Baffled Pan

The LS Next rear sump oil pan is designed to take the changes that Dart has made to the LS block and completely maximize their effectiveness. The billet end caps offer a precise fit to the unique pan rail of the Dart LS Next block. Canton’s Pro-style oil recovery pouch … Read More

Chevrolet Performance Stock Ramps Up For 2015 Debut

Written by Derek Putnam

As the 2014 Chevrolet Performance LSX Challenge Series debuted in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 30th, the announcement of the brand new Chevrolet Performance Stock class for the 2015 season was made. A class-specific 376-cube powerplant creating 525 horsepower au naturel was created by Chevrolet Performance, and … Read More

Real World Testing of Mickey Thompson’s 275 Vs 28×10.5 on a 9-second Street Car

Testing Mickey Thompson’s 275 Radial Pro versus ET Drag 28×10.5 stiff sidewall slicks on Derek Putnam’s 1970 Chevy Nova. Chassis specs include 3,830lb curbweight with driver, stock-style suspension, and TH400 transmission with 2.10 First gear. The complete story will be coming soon to Fastest Street Car magazine!

Here’s a teaser … Read More

Final 2015 NMCA “East” Rules Are Now Posted

2015 NMCA rules have now been finalized. They can be found by clicking HERE. … Read More