Marty Robertson Bringing Badfish Barracuda – and More — to NMCA Competition

By Mary Lendzion

A few years back, Marty Robertson of Fort Worth, Texas, caught everyone’s attention when he brought his ’68 Dart to the NMCA season-opener at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida and ran Stainless Works Street Outlaw, but now, he’s catching everyone’s attention with his recently-completed ’68 ‘Cuda.

He … Read More

Interview with Billy Adams – Crew Chief for NMCA Stainless Works Street Outlaw Driver Phil Smith

By Mary Lendzion

Having parents who were into collectible cars and owned a trucking company just outside of Chicago, Billy Adams had learned how to row gears while sitting in the passenger’s seat of his mom’s manual transmission-equipped Vega and had been behind the wheel of a Peterbilt truck by … Read More

Test Mode Time for NMCA Quick Lane at Downs Ford NA 10.5 Driver DeMayo, Jr.

By Mary Lendzion

Reigning NMCA Quick Lane at Downs Ford NA 10.5 champion Mike DeMayo, Jr. is flexing his muscles for fans in the form of test hits at the 12th Annual McLeod NMRA Super Nationals, this weekend, June 12-14, 2015, at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. It’s in … Read More

4th Annual Chevrolet Performance Nationals – Saturday Coverage

After moving from a ProCharger F3R-130 to a ProCharger F1X-12, JE Pistons Drag Radial standout Joe DeDona jumped from a 4.87 and 151 mph to a 4.61 and 157 mph in the eighth-mile in his ’02 Corvette Z06 at a race in February, proving that the unit finely complements his … Read More

Aldrich will be Armed with New Engine upon Return to Racing NMCA West

By Mary Lendzion

Despite hurting his 400 cubic-inch small-block Ford engine, tagging the wall after a wheelie and moving from carburetion to injection in his Maverick last season, Erick Aldrich went on to earn the 2014 NMCA West ARP Outlaw 8.5 championship, and has spent the past few months taking … Read More

Interview with Tony Bischoff, Engine-Builder Extraordinaire

By Mary Lendzion

Having successfully run his own business for thirty years, Tony Bischoff of BES Racing Engines has proven that the system he put into place long ago is as effective as it is efficient, and that system involves communicating with clients of his Guilford, Indiana-based shop about various … Read More

Rick Hornback’s Chevelle High Steps With High Horsepower in NMCA MagnaFuel Open Comp

By Mary Lendzion

With a thousand dollars he had saved working at a grocery store near his family’s home in Olney, Illinois, Rick Hornback bought a ’69 Chevelle with a small-block Chevy and Mucie four-speed as a sixteen year old in ’78. He had a bevy of modifications in mind … Read More

New Paint for Quick Lane at Downs Ford NA 10.5 Driver Dwight Ausmus’ Firebird for this Weekend’s NMCA Event

By Mary Lendzion

When Quick Lane at Downs Ford NA 10.5 driver Dwight Ausmus rolls his ’72 Firebird out of his trailer at the 14th Annual Quick Fuel Technology NMCA Muscle Car Nationals, May 14-17, 2015 at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky, it will be wearing a fresh … Read More

NMCA Stainless Works Street Outlaw Driver Phil Smith Set to Swap Carburetion for Injection

By Mary Lendzion

After years of running carburetion — and after mere minutes with the persuasive Patrick Barnhill of PTP Racing — Stainless Works Street Outlaw driver Phil Smith and his crew chief, Billy Adams, have made the decision to move to fuel injection for their boisterous and black ’02 … Read More

Warren’s Win Outside of NMCA Winds him up for 14th Annual Quick Fuel Technology NMCA Muscle Car Nationals in Kentucky in May

By Mary Lendzion

Remaining right on course despite a rain delay and a reschedule, NMCA Edelbrock Xtreme Street driver John Warren went on to capture a win and a personal best in his ’72 Nova at a Jason Grimes-organized race at Ohio Valley Dragway in Kentucky on Sunday, April 26, … Read More