ProMedia LLC has been the leader in muscle car motorsport events and publishing since 1998. Located in Santa Ana, CA, ProMedia LLC’s staff of over twenty-five motorsport enthusiasts work hard to produce the best in street-legal events and publications in the U.S.

ProMedia Events, home of the NMRA Ford Nationals, the NMCA Muscle Car Nationals, the NMCA WEST Street Car Series, and Chevy High Performance Nationals, produces up to eighteen national motorsport shows each year, attracting hundreds of thousands of racers and fans. With over 100 participating manufacturers and the largest all-cash contingency programs in street-legal drag racing, the NMRA, NMCA, NMCA WEST and CHP Nationals attract the largest number of street car competitors and the most fans! ProMedia events are featured in major automotive publications such as Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, Modified Mustangs & Fords, PRI, GM High-Tech Performance, Chevy High Performance, Mopar Muscle, Camaro Performers, Race Pages and Fastest Street Car.

Race Pages, the official publication of the NMRA, and Fastest Street Car, the official publication of the NMCA and NMCA WEST, deliver the best in all-domestic drag race action, tech, features, and more each and every month. With over 150,000 serious performance readers each month, Race Pages and Fastest Street Car are a direct link to quality readers who influence millions of dollars in performance parts sales each year.

NMRAdigital.com and NMCAdigital.com, the official websites of ProMedia Events, are on-line communities that attract over 100,000 unique visitors each month who are interested in street-legal drag racing and performance. NMRAdigital.com and NMCAdigital.com have it all – videos, race action photo galleries, news & rumors, event results, tech articles, online issues, on-line parts sales and much more!


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