NMCA Racers Shoot the Moon at Norwalk


The 7th annual JE Pistons NMCA Flowmaster Muscle Car Nationals have come to a close; mark it down in the books as a memorable one. Sunshine and cool air aside, there are a couple of more important words come to mind that sum up the weekend: track-prep and broken records. The weekend’s qualifying and elimination rounds saw a whopping five records broken, two of which were reset twice over during competition. Not only were the diehard racers and crews of the NMCA pushing their cars to new heights against the official and unofficial ledgers, they also laid down some of the narrowest final round victories in NMCA history. The neck-and-neck, won-by-a-nose finishes were a true reminder to fans and racers alike of what makes heads-up drag racing such a nail-bitingly-exciting sport to watch. As the series rolls out of the awesome Summit Motorsports Park facility in Norwalk Ohio, there is but one race left on the event roster. Where did the year go?

PRO_WIN_SummersKooks Custom Headers Pro Street

Winner: Steve Summers

Runner Up: Jeff Lutz

Top Qualifier:  Jeff Lutz 5.93 @252.14

Steve Summers slid under the radar early in the weekend as all eyes were on Jeff Lutz and his record-setting 5.93-second qualifying pass. Summers bid his time, steadily clicking tenths off his passes until the semis where he uncorked the car, shattering the Kooks Custom Headers Pro Street MPH record. The final round saw one of the closest finishes in NMCA Pro Street history with Summers’ taking the tree and running a 6.022 to Lutz’s 6.009.

SS_WIN_MickeMickey Thompson Tires Super Street

Winner: Mark Micke

Runner Up: Willard Kinzer

Top Qualifier:  Mark Micke 6.49 @ 230.53

Mickey Thompson Super Street got down and dirty in Norwalk with both the winner and runner up taking a trip into the sand pit. Mark Micke’s parachute failed to open sending his twin-turbo Malibu into the gravel at well over triple digit speeds. This came after a 6.479 @ 227 mph, record-breaking pass in Saturday night qualifying.  Willard Kinzer also had some offroad excursions when his car was unable to stop in the allotted space. Both competitors brushed off the dust and returned for an awesome final round separated by a mere tenth.

NPS_WIN_BucaroARP Nostalgia Pro Street

Winner: Joe Bucaro

Runner Up: Skip Baskin

Top Qualifier:  Skip Baskin 7.23 @ 189.71

Skip Baskin started out strong in ARP Nostalgia Pro Street, qualifying in the top spot and dropping the class ET record to a 7.236. In the final, a killer .006-second reaction time by Joe Bucaro cost him the difference between first and second place and Bucaro’s Mustang claimed the winner’s circle.


Stainless Works Street Outlaw

Winner: Dwayne Barbaree

Runner Up: Phil Hines

Top Qualifier:  Dwayne Barbaree 7.19 @ 196.22

“Where did that come from?” was the thought on everyone’s mind when Dwayne Barbaree rocketed off a 7.220 ET record in Street Outlaw.  Even more surprising was when Phil Hines dropped that number even lower in eliminations with a 7.194. Barbaree and Hines went dead-even down the track in the final, posting times identical to the thousandth! Their twin 7.256 passes were separated by an .023-second margin of victory that favored Barabaree’s starting line prowess.

XS_WIN_CurranAeromotive Xtreme Street

Winner: Bob Curran

Runner Up: Phil Smith

Top Qualifier:  Bob Curran 7.807 @ 179.18

He’s still got it. Bob Curran clung to his Aeromotive Xtreme Street streak at Norwalk grabbing the number one qualifier spot right off the bat. Phil smith put up an honest fight in the finals with a 7.91-second pass and a superior reaction time but Curran still had the edge with a 7.86.

NA_Win_BoozeComp Cams N/A 10.5

Winner: Charlie Booze Jr.

Runner Up: Don Bowles

Top Qualifier:  Charlie Booze Jr. 8.02 @168.09

Charlie Booze Jr. had a great weekend in Comp Cams N/A 10.5. The top-qualifier spot had his name on it and the car ran uber-consistent scooting him into the final round where his 8.090 pass trumped the 8.139 of Don Bowles.

MS__Win_CampbellACT Mean Street

Winner: Brian Campbell

Runner Up: Don Baskin

Top Qualifier:  Don Baskin 9.74 @ 136.76

Brian Campbell has ad a firm grasp on ACT Mean Street this season and Norwalkwas no exception. Despite losing the top-qualifier spot to Don Baskin, Campbell went rounds and came out on top with a 9.8 to an uncharacteristically slow 10.04 pass for Baskin.

NSS_WIN_SandersTTI Performance Exhaust Nostalgia Super Stock

Winner: Michael Sanders

Runner Up: Don Solomon

Top Qualifier:  Joe Ewing

Many where surprised to see powerhouse racer, Doug Duell, go out in the first round of competition TTI Performance Exhaust Nostalgia Super Stock. In his absence Michael sanders took hold of the class’ reigns, bringing home the win.


Eaton Posi Nostalgia Muscle Car

Winner: Bryan Parker

Runner Up: Cindee Hall

Top Qualifier:  Jerry Stamps

Bryan Parker went the distance in Eaton Posi Nostalgia Muscle Car surviving three rounds of eliminations before driving around Cindee Hall in the final.


Lakewood EFI Rumble

Winner: Al Corda

Runner Up: Ronnie Hackleton

Top Qualifier:  Tim Rickey

Lakewood EFI Rumble wouldn’t be the same class without the instantly recognizable ‘Vette of Al Corda. Corda powered through the rounds ending up snugly in the winner’s circle.

OC_WIN_RudolfHawk Performance Open Comp

Winner: Jeff Rudolf

Runner Up: Jon Pickering

Top Qualifier:  Jenni Merrick

Jeff Rudolf picked the right numbers and proceed to run them for four rounds. His matchup against Jon Pickering fell in his favor.

Hemi R_WIN_DaltonDiablo Sport Hemi Rumble

Winner: Jon Dalton

Runner Up: Stellino Savarino

Top Qualifier:  Anthony Carter

Jon Dalton took the win in Diablosport Hemi Rumble against Stellino Savarino in an all-Magnum final.

Hemi C_WIN_Vanhorn

Fastest Hemi Challenge

Winner: Daniel Vanhorn   9.95 @136.91

Runner Up:  Jimmy Koutsoubis  10.39 @ 106.30

The ’06 Charger of Daniel Vanhorn walked away with world’s fastest Hemi honors in Norwalk.

CJ TS_Win_HarrisCobra Jet Top Stock

Winner: Michael Harris

Runner Up:  Chris Holbrook

Top Qualifier:  Chris Holbrook

CJ SS_Win_CandiesCobra Jet Super Stock

Winner: PB Candies

Runner Up:  Ray Skillman

Top Qualifier:  Ray Skillman

CJ CIC_ WIN_Matcham

Cobra Jet CIC

Winner: Ron Matcham

Runner Up:  John Calvert

Top Qualifier:  Ken Miele

B1_WIN_PeckMallory Super Pro B1

Winner: Rod Peck

Runner Up:  Ken Hebert 

B2_WIN_Hurst2Mr. Gasket Pro B2

Winner: Brian Hurst

Runner Up:  Victor Ellinger

B3_WIN_RichardsMr. Gasket Pro B3

Winner: Doug Richards

Runner Up:  Larry Strohscher

TS_Win Jovanis

Tremec True Street Overall Winner

Mike Jovanis

Three-pass-average: 8.945

TS Hemi_Win_Koutsoubis

Tremec True Street Hemi Winner

Jimmy Koutsoubis

Three-pass-average: 9.672



Final Qualifying Results can be found HERE.