BRODIX Introduces BP SR 20 Cylinder Head

The new SR 20 from BRODIX is at the cutting edge of conventional big block Chevy compatible technology.  This new offering raises the big-block bar! Inspired by TPSA technology,  the SR 20 offers racers a serious performance advantage.  Utilizing a .500” raised 440 cc intake port with a 2.400 intake valve, this head flows an unheard of 507 cfm.  The exhaust port flows an amazing 335 cfm through only a 1.800 valve.  To allow for the newly designed 95 cc combustion chamber, the intake valve angle of this head has been rolled to 20 degrees.  This head requires pistons, valve covers, head studs, shaft rockers, and an intake manifold designed specifically for the SR 20.  As always, these heads come standard with all the fine qualities that BRODIX has to offer.