PROTHANE 2010-2012 Camaro Total Bushing Kit


New from PROTHANE is there TOTAL bushing kit for 2010-2012 Camaros (Part 7-2044).  The kit comes complete with sub-frame bushings, and components for: front control arms, steering rack, front and rear sway bars, rear control arms, adjustment link, trailing arm and differential.

Factory rubber parts cab exhibit excessive play that results in poor handling and they tend to deteriorate and rot. The PROTHANE Total Kit features specially engineered polyurethane bushings and components designed to provide improved handling and a more stable and controllable ride. Polyurethane bushings are firm enough to control movement and maintain alignment in sway bars, control arms, and other stressed suspension components.

PROTHANE components are impervious to oil and grease which allows them to outlast stock rubber bushings. They are precision fit replacements, with no hassles or special tools required. All of PRPTHANE’s bushings are researched, designed and machined in-house and built to exacting tolerances.

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