ARP Returns as Nostalgia Pro Street Sponsor

ARP will be returning for the 2013 drag racing season as the class sponsor of the NMCA’s Nostalgia Pro Street. ARP is an industry leader in fastener technology and their name has become synonymous with performance.

The Nostalgia Pro Street class is intended for vehicles designed as American production passenger cars and trucks (1950 and later) and back half and tube chassis vehicles that emulate the famous “Pro Street” vehicles of the early ‘90s that defined the street movement. Nostalgia Pro Street vehicles are permitted small block and big block engines with nitrous oxide as the only allowed power adder on certain combinations.

In 1968; ARP founder, Gary Holzapfel, saw that many of his friends’ broken engines were caused by fastener failure. At the time, there were no commercially available studs and bolts up to the challenge. So Holzapfel called upon his many years of fastener making experience as a leading aerospace subcontractor and founded ARP® (Automotive Racing Products).

In the ensuing years, the company has grown from what was literally a backyard garage workshop into a highly diversified manufacturer with five operational entities in Southern California with a combined area in excess of 200,000 square feet. These include forging, machining, finishing and packaging/warehousing facilities in Santa Paula and Ventura, California.There is even a unique racing-themed restaurant at the main Santa Paula facility – called “Hozy’s Grill,” which is open to the public.

Today, ARP’s product line contains thousands of part numbers, and has expanded to include virtually every fastener found in an engine and driveline. Make sure to check out ARP’s full line of fasteners at their website: