McLeod 1400 Series: The Last Throw Out Bearing You’ll Ever Buy

Written by Evan Perkins
Behind the lens: The Author and McLeod Racing.

There’s no discounting the benefits of a hydraulic throw-out bearing. The OEM has been using them since the early ’90s (and in many cases much longer than that) to spare our left legs from heavy clutch pedals. For a product to shine among a field of quality OE stuff really says something, and that is exactly what McLeod has done with their 1400 series throw-out-bearing.

Not only is the bearing a looker with its red, hard-anodized coating, it’s CNC machined out of 6061 Billet aluminum. They say“beauty is only skin deep;” not on this thing.

Benefits of a hydraulic throw-out bearing include: lighter pedal pressures to help civilize stiff street/strip pressure plates and no more cumbersome external clutch linkages that, as many have experienced, require constant and tedious adjusting. A more direct engagement of the clutch-fingers can even extend clutch-disc life and prevent hot spots on the flywheel.

The 1400 series kit includes the bearing, two 11 inch braided-steel, hydraulic lines complete with 90-degree, swivel fittings and an appropriately sized clutch-master-cylinder. One of the braided-steel lines is actually a remote bleeder so air can be removed from the system after assembly.

The coolest and most unique part of this piece though is it’s Ford/Chevy interchangeability. This is such an uncommon characteristic for almost any part; but for a drive-line component, it’s downright unheard of. Also, unlike some other aftermarket bearings, McLeod’s 1400 series is fully rebuildable with replacement available O-rings.

The 1400 series can be used on Ford or Chevy transmissions by swapping out the center adjuster collar for either the 1.430 inch collar (Ford) or the 1 inch collar (Chevy),” says Billy Mieczkowski of McLeod Racing.

The adjuster collar also allows the bearing to work with a multitude of different bellhousing depths, pressure-plate thicknesses, and tons of other variables. With it, the unit can be lengthened or shortened simply by twisting the body.

Providing your projects don’t multiply, as is often the case, this really might be the last throw-out bearing you’ll ever need to buy.


McLeod Racing