Friday Updates from SEMA

It’s our last day here at SEMA and there’s still so much more to see! Here are some product updates from today.

Demon 220PS Electric Fuel Pump

These new 220 gph pumps from Demon Fuel Systems are designed for drag racing applications that require a high volume of fuel. The pumps have an externally adjustable bypass but do require a regulator (p/n 170025 or 170023).

TCI Bolt-together 6L80E Torque Converters

Not only are TCI’s Torque new 6L80E torque converters easily disassembled, the guts of the converters can also be swapped out to change the stall speed. These beefy converters are rated for much higher torque loads than stock and have a higher lock-up torque rating and decreased friction.


Talk about big things in small packages, MSD has managed to cram their entire engine management system for LS engines into a fuel rail! The self-learning system eliminates the massive wire loom associated with most LS swaps and can support big power.

Energy Suspension Kit for 2013 Mustangs

Precision handling characteristics and increased suspension response are on the table with Energy Suspension’s polyurethane kit for 2013 Mustangs.

Moroso DS-2 Front Drag Tires

Aircraft-inspired tread and Lightweight: Sounds like a perfect drag tire to us. These new front-runners from Moroso are rated to 300 mph with an 800-pound load and decrease resistance on launch while increasing traction during braking.

Hurst Shifters Nitro Stick shifter

The Nitro Stick from Hurst is about the coolest shifter we’ve ever seen. It’s a cnc’d aluminum with a clear-anodized finish. If you have need for an LED toggle switch, such as: nitrous, line, lock or a two-step limiter, we can’t imagine a better shifter.

B&M High-capacity aluminum pan for 6L80E

These new high-capacity pans for GM 6L80E transmissions offer extra fluid capacity and promise up to 40 percent better cooling over the stock pan.