Thursday SEMA Updates

We found a couple more cool parts at SEMA that we wanted to share with our readers at home.

Ron Francis Wiring 2005-20099 3V 4.6 Mustang wiring

Wiring can be one of the more intimidating aspects of building a car. Thankfully, Ron Francis wiring has simplified the process of dropping a late-model, fuel-injected 3-valve 4.6 engine into an older car. The kit is capable of running both manual and 5R55S automatic transmissions and comes complete with everything necessary to connect the engine sensors, fuel pump, fan and diagnostic port to the ECM.

Billet Specialties Street Light wheels

Billet specialties has introduces a new line of wheels that are just as at home on the street as on the track. These slick rollers are a few pounds heavier than the Competition series, but are designed to deal with pot-holes and all the other abuses of daily driving.

PRW Shaft Mount BBC roller rockers.

The guys at PRW were really excited to introduce these aluminum, shaft-mount roller rockers. They provide increased rpm stability, reduce valvetrain weight and come in a 1.7 inch ratio.

McLeod Racing Pro Series 10” Street Clutch

We were blown away by McLeod’s Pro Series 10” Street Clutch. This is one of the most hardcore clutches on the market with the ability to hold 1000 to 3000 horsepower depending on the number of discs used. While the obscene power capacity is mind-boggling, what’s even crazier is that McLeod designed this thing to be street-able!

Innovate Pocketlogger

The new pocketlogger from Innovate is a really cool piece. The bite-sized unit piggy-backs off of Innovate’s Modular Tuning system (MTS) – a series of gauges and sensors designed to work together – and can record up to 32 channels of Innovate MTS compatible devices. Data is stored on an included 2GB SD card that can hold 580 hours of information.