Wednesday Updates from SEMA

Here are some cool products we’ve seen on our second day here at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

VP E-85

VP fuels racing – literally. Bad pun aside, we are excited to hear about VP’s E-85 fuel. No-more mystery-octane pump E-85 for us.

Centerforce DYAD Clutch

Dual Disc clutches are the big thing at SEMA this year and Centerforce was did not disappoint. Their new DYAD line of dual-disc clutches can handle an unbelievable 1800 ft-lbs of torque and uses spring-loaded guide-plates to reduce drive-line noise.

Magnuson Blowers

Magnuson decided the C6 Corvettes weren’t fast enough. We support that horsepower-centric decision and are super impressed with their new Corvette supercharger kits. The blower focuses on lightweight internal components and a large inlet path for huge flow potential. This super-efficient, new-age blower is capable of 1000 horsepower!


Flex-a-lite brought out there new aluminum radiator/fan combo’s for ’68-82 Corvettes and ’70-’81 Camaro’s. Universal parts are great, but we love to see parts precision engineered for specific vehicle applications.

Eagle Cleveland 408 stroker kit

Eagle had their killer new 351 Cleveland stroker kit out for display. The kit comes with a 4340-forged crank in either 3.850 or 4.00 stroke configurations. Also in the kit are graphite-impregnated, forged pistons from Mahle; Eagle 4340-forged H-beam connecting rods and Clevite 777 Bearings.

Look for more product updates later today and happy Halloween!