More SEMA Updates

AFR “Small” Big Block Chevy Head

This is a trick new fully-cnc’d, oval-port, big-block-chevy cylinder head from AFR. The head features a conservatively-sized, yet extremely efficient, 300cc intake runner to support cylinder filling and mid-rpm power in 427-540 cubic inch Chevy engines. Serious flow numbers of 388 cfm at .7 inches of lift intake, and 295 cfm on the exhaust mean these bad-boys provide ample flow for big power up to 7200 rpm.

Lakewood Evolution Suspension Systems for 2005 and up Mustangs.

Watts links are too cool not to talk about so we had to post some info on Lakewood’s Evolution suspension kits for 2005 and up Mustangs. The kit comes in three levels: street, performance and competition and include tons of performance suspension parts like braces, control arms, bushings and coil-overs. There’s way too many options to list so make sure to check out Lakewood’s online catalogue.

Dynotech Billet Pinion Flange

Dynotech Driveshafts had the hard-core enthusiast and racer in mind when they created their billet pinion flange for the 2005 and up Mustang. The unit is tough-as-nails and can take an unreal 4,000 Ft-lbs-worth of abuse. The flange is precision engineered and will improve drive-line runout as well as remove a pound of rotating weight.

LSx Starters by Powermaster

A race engine is just an expensive paperweight without a good starter. With the LS craze in full swing, POWERMASTER their line of LSx starters was ready to get things cranking. The PowerMAX Plus, for engines up to 11:1 compression, is Powermaster’s performance street series starter but additional versions available for race engines all the way up to 18:1 compression.

JE Pistons Pro Seal MLS Head Gaskets

JE Pistons is just bringing their Pro Seal line of gaskets to market and these race-designed head-gaskets are the first to hit the shelves. They feature a multi-layer steel construction with a specialized embossing process to create a superior seal. The gaskets are also 100 percent coated with a special fluoroelastomer material on all of the individual layers to ensure a perfect seal and better removal.

Fragola Reuseable Hose Ends for PTFE Hose

While most of us have just accepted one-time use crimp AN fittings as an inevitability, Fragola Performance Systems has come up with a super-innovative way of making them reuseable. These new hose ends use a miniature brass “olive” that deforms to seal the fitting to the PTFE hose and can be used over and over again. Only the “olive” is disposable. The PTFE hose itself is compatible with brake fluid, power steering fluid, oil, transmission fluid or even air conditioning refrigerant.

AEM Infinity -8H Stand-alone EMS

After you’ve dropped in that sweet fuel-injected crate motor, you’ll need a quality engine management system to make it purr. AEM’s new Infinity 8H system was designed specifically with the crate-engine-crowd in mind and can run eight injectors, eight coils and was built with a state-of-the-art, internal data-logging system. There is so much more to this piece than meets the eye, so make sure to check out AEM’s website.