Updates from SEMA

While you guys are putting the final touches on Halloween costumes, carving pumpkins and stocking up on party supplies, we are here at SEMA scouring the booths for cool parts. Here is some of the neat stuff we found on our first day at the event.

Kooks 49 State Legal Catalytic Converters

We were really impressed with Kooks 49-state-legal catalytic converters. There aren’t a whole lot of green performance parts on the market and these guys worked hard to create a true EPA-legal, bolt-on system. The cats provide a big increase in exhaust flow over stock and are guaranteed not to throw a check engine code.

SCT Livewire TS

SCT had their Livewire TS on display today at SEMA. This thing is a really neat, more visual version of their original SCT hand-held tuner. New with the TVS is a 4-inch color touch screen, driver-customizable gauges and the ability to hold up to 10 custom tunes. High-speed data-logging and a built-in performance calculator make this as useful as it is fun.

FUELAB Velocity 100GPH Lift Pump with Filter and Velocity 200GPH Lift Pump

These new in-line lift-pumps from FUELAB will help give your tow-rig some extra grunt. The pumps come in either a 100 gph return-less or 200 gph return-style version and include an air and water separator. The 100 gph version can support a higly-respectable 600 horsepower while the 200 gph variant is good for a whopping 1800 ponies.

Holley Terminator EFI

We love to see racing technology trickle down to the street and that’s exactly what Holley brought to the show today with their new Terminator EFI. This black, hard-anodized system is based on Holley’s NASCAR throttle-body (shown left) and flows 950 cfm. This thing really is as aesthetically appealing as it is functional. Unarguably, the coolest part of the system is it can be used with boost.

Garret GTX5533R Turbocharger

This thing looks powerful just sitting on a shelf – probably because it can support up to 1800 horsepower. Garret’s new GTX5533R turbocharger features a fully-forged billet compressor wheel and an inconel turbine wheel for extreme durability.

There is way more to see in upcoming days so stay tuned for more updates from the SEMA.