Dave Roemer Tries On X275 Drag Radial

The NMCA race in Michigan in August was all about change for Dave Roemer, as he moved from the Aeromotive Xtreme Street class to the Stainless Works 275 Drag Radial class, swapped his slicks for drag radials and traded his ProCharger F1R supercharger for a ProCharger F1X supercharger. He arrived there with high hopes for tuning the suspension of his ’01 Camaro to accept the changes he was making, but instead faced traction issues and a hurt transmission.

But after returning home to New York, repairing the transmission and making a few test hits, he’s ready to give it another go at the 11th Annual FueLab NMCA World Street Finals featuring the 6th Annual Chevrolet Performance LSX Shootout at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indiana this weekend.

“We’re working on getting the car to leave right with the different set-up,” said Roemer, who has been as fast as 8.30 in his car, which is powered by a 364 cubic-inch BTR-built engine “We’re spinning the tires too much and we need to get them to grab. It’s a whole new ballgame, even though you wouldn’t think it would be, but I’m confident we’ll get it sorted out.”

By Mary Lendzion