Horsepower is the result of three major components combining at the right time and at the right proportion. Without enough of any one of the big three—fuel, air, and spark—the best case scenario is that the engine’s power potential isn’t reached. The worst case scenario is that the fuel is the component there isn’t enough of and the engine eats itself alive. So while all three are equally responsible for making what we are all after, horsepower, and gobs of it. As the saying goes, you can run rich a thousand times, but you only go lean once… In our minds, that makes the fuel system doubly important.

So what happens when you get a car from the factory, such as the 2011 Mustang GT and the 2012 Boss 302, which has one of the best-performing factory engines to ever sit between the framerails of a Mustang? Well, the potential for massive airflow is there thanks to some amazing four-valve cylinder heads and the multitude of aftermarket forced-induction options available. Spark is but an upgraded ignition system away. So what of the fuel? Thanks to Blow-By Racing, there is now an easy solution to be able to feed power levels well into the four-digit range with their new Jackal billet fuel hat and Jackal fuel system.

Here you can see the Jackal’s 100-micron pre- pump filter. It’s got machined standoffs to allow it to get as close to the bottom of the tank without blocking the inlet.

The centerpiece of the Jackal fuel system is Blow-By Racing’s fuel hat assembly. Made entirely of billet aluminum and anodized black, the Blow-By fuel hat assembly will bolt right into the stock tank and comes complete with the customer’s choice of an Aeromotive A1000 or Eliminator fuel pump installed. By itself, it makes a great foundation for creating a 1000-plus horsepower-capable racecar with the A1000 pump version, or 1400-plus horsepower-capable racecar with the Eliminator-equipped version.

The fuel hat/pump assembly drops right into the stock location. Never has it been so easy to mount a 1000- plus horsepower before. The A1000 variant is good for 1000 hp, while the Eliminator version is good for supporting 1400 horsepower.

Blow-By realized this as well, so with ease-of- installation in mind, they assembled all the parts a 2011 GT or 2012 Boss 302 owner would need to install a complete aftermarket fuel system, and coupled with their fuel hat, dubbed it the Jackal Kit. It consists of the same choice of A1000 or Eliminator pumps as offered with the fuel hat alone, and Aeromotive A1000 regulator, 100-micron and 10-micron fuel filters, feed and return lines, a set of billet fuel rails, a set of customer-specified injectors, all the required fittings, a fuel pump relay, and all the required electrical connectors. It is essentially everything you’ll need for the fuel portion of the Fuel-Air-Spark continuum to make four-digits-worth of raw power (other than the fuel itself).

Blow-By Racing